Xtra Maximum Preset Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide to get you started as quick as possible with the Maximum Demo for Theme Xtra for Shopify. First of all you need to install Theme Xtra on your online store.

  • Download your image pack here.

    Download your image pack here.

    Get your .zip file including banner images used in our demo stores.
    Images are for demo stores only. Not for commercial use.

Let's get started with installing the theme and start customizing it.

What you first need to do to setup your theme in your online store is installing the theme to get things rolling. Let's do that first, step by step. We got you!

  • You'll learn how to install a theme on your store
  • You'll learn the difference between preview and launch theme
  • You'll see how to prepare your theme for launch

Frequently asked questions

What is a demo store in Theme Xtra for Shopify?

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I've seen a demo store i like and i want it exactly like that. Is that possible?

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Is there copyright on the images used in the demo stores of Theme Xtra?


Do you also provide a setup for my online store in Shopify?

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Are there any more demo's i can choose from, of your theme Xtra?

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Check out our other demos as well.

  • Minimal Preset

    Minimal Preset

    Full guide to setup the Maximum demo

  • Creative Preset

    Creative Preset

    Full guide to setup the Creative demo


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