Demo setup guides

Merchants often want to adopt one of our design choices showcased in our demo stores. Below are the links to a guide to help you set up the theme to replicate the look and feel of the demo of your choice.

  • Maximum Preset

    Maximum Preset

    Full guide to setup the Maximum demo

    Coming soon

  • Minimal Preset

    Minimal Preset

    Full guide to setup the Maximum demo

  • Creative Preset

    Creative Preset

    Full guide to setup the Creative demo

    Coming soon

  • Download your image pack here.

    Download your image pack here.

    Get your .zip file including banner images used in our demo stores.
    Images are for demo stores only. Not for commercial use.

New: Minimal Preset demo setup video

Checkout the latest video tutorial on how to setup the Minimal Preset from Theme Xtra.

  • Learn the basics of Shopify theme editing
  • Learn how to install a theme
  • Learn about homepage sections in shopify 2.0

Frequently asked questions

What is a demo store in Theme Xtra for Shopify?

Every theme in Shopify comes with multiple variants (demo stores) of the theme. This shows the variety of the themes and gives you an understanding of the possibilities in settings and design.

I've seen a demo store i like and i want it exactly like that. Is that possible?

Yes, you can take over the design of one of our demo stores, if you'd like. There is no copyright on the designs of the demo stores. Only the content, the products and the copy has a copyright ® protection.

Is there copyright on the images used in the demo stores of Theme Xtra?

Yes, there is a protected copyright on the content that is used in our demo stores. Products and promotion material is used by real merchants, using our theme Xtra in Shopify.

Do you also provide a setup for my online store in Shopify?

Yes, we provide setups for your theme Xtra in Shopify. Inform with our support guys.

Are there any more demo's i can choose from, of your theme Xtra?

Soon there will be more demo stores available and you can acces them on this website.


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